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How to mold an anti-snoring mouthpiece

The SnoreMate mouthpiece is generally worn at night. It holds your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep opening the airway. The success rate of the mouthpiece is based on how well the mouthpiece is molded. It needs to be comfortable but a firm enough fit to hold the lower jaw in a forward position.


Step 1

Fill a container or kettle with enough water to allow the snoring mouth guard to be completely submerged. Heat the water until it boils vigorously. Remove the boiling water from the heat source. Do not put the SnoreMate mouthpiece into the water whilst it is boiling.


Step 2

Holding the Tab, dip the mouthpiece into the hot water for exactly 12 seconds to soften the plastic. Be sure not to let the snore guard touch the sides of the container.


Step 3

Remove the mouthpiece from the hot water and gently shake off the excess water. Holding the Tab with TOP facing upwards, move the lower jaw into a comfortable forward position. Do not bite down on the gutters of the mouthpiece.


Step 4

Place the warm mouthpiece onto the lower jaw and bite down in the forward position. (Remember that the more forward the lower jaw is, the better the result will be). The SnoreMate will be warm, but will not burn you.


Step 5

Suck all of the air out of the mouthpiece, and use your tongue and lips to press against the mouthpiece for a tight fit. Use your fingers to press against your lips and cheeks to improve the custom fit.


Step 6

Remove the mouthpiece and place it into ice-cold water or run it under a cold tap to set the shape.


Step 7

Insert the snoring mouthpiece into your mouth to check the fit. Cut the Holding Tab off neatly with a sharp knife as close to the mouthpiece as possible. Clean the mouthpiece with toothpaste or Dental cleaning tablets. Store the anti-snoring mouthpiece in the case supplied


How will I know if an anti-snoring mouthpiece will stop me from snoring? Try the SnoreMate test

SnoreMate is only suitable for adults. It is not recommended for those who wear braces or dentures or have any nasal obstruction.

If you suspect that you may suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, please consult your physician before attempting to use a Mandibular Advancement Device or other anti-snoring mouth guard.

We suggest that you do not remove the tab for the first night to ensure that you have the correct lower jaw position. It can then be removed by cutting it off with a pair of scissors as close to the mouthpiece as possible.

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