Effective snoring relief from the first night

SnoreMate is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that works very simply – it is worn in the mouth while you sleep. It moulds to the shape of your teeth and gums and gently holds your lower jaw in a slightly (a few millimetres) forward position.

This allows the air to flow unobstructed through your airway and stops you from snoring.

This comfortable and cost effective anti snoring device can ensure you have the best night’s sleep you have had in a long time!

Dentist Recommendation

“I promote SnoreMate for the following reasons: It is easy to adapt to, it is comfortable to wear and it promotes good breathing habits.”

Dr Paul Pallet – Bch.D.(Pret) Bsc. Dent (Wits).

Stop snoring tonight with snoremate

What SnoreMate Customers Have to say

A great product and happy wife

I have tried for years and spent a lot of money to quit snoring. I wish I had found your product first. I will certainly recommend SnoreMate to anyone who has the same problem. (and the support is amazing as well!:)

Larry / NH USA

It worked!

I have struggled for years at last a solution that works. Happy man and happy family!

Jane F / CA - USA

Comfortable mouthpiece!

More comfortable than the others I have tried. The material is softer and it does not have an air hole so you do not get a dry throat. Works for me.

Brice N / TX - USA

SnoreMate unique design

Our anti-snoring mouthpiece has a unique design – soft enough to be comfortable yet strong enough to hold your lower jaw slightly forward and stop snoring. It also has a ‘one size fits all’ advantage over other anti snoring devices in that it is made of a very malleable material enabling custom moulding to fit any mouth size or shape.

SnoreMate works by moving the lower jaw forward during sleep. This allows the airway to increase in diameter, thereby reducing the velocity of the air traveling into the lungs, and hence eliminating or reducing the level of vibrations in the throat tissue.

Try the SnoreMate Test

  1. Move your lower jaw forward. Now try and snore as hard as you can!
  2. You can see if your lower jaw is pushed forward this position makes it nearly impossible to snore.
  3. Move your lower jaw back and repeat the test.
  4. If Step 1 reduced your snoring then SnoreMate will work for you.
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Buy Today

Simple and Effective

I sent off for two packets of your Snormate with a heavy heart and great pessimism. I had tried countless “remedies” before. I have now been sleeping almost silently, for two weeks. My wife can cope. I don’t have to regularly move to the spare room, feeling guility and inadequate.

We would both like to recommend Snoremate to other snoring sufferers, both the performers and the reluctant audience, as a “miracle” – and like all good miracles, it is simple and effective.
Long may we sleep in blissful and silent compatability.

Jimmy V / SnoreMate Verified Buyer