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Effective Snoring Relief

Endless Nights of Snoreless Sleep

Say Goodbye to Snoring with SnoreMate

SnoreMate is a revolutionary product designed to help you say goodbye to snoring and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Our easy-to-use device effectively controls snoring, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy uninterrupted sleep and wake up refreshed.


Key Features of SnoreMate

  • Easy-to-fit design:  SnoreMate is designed to effortlessly fit into your mouth, ensuring comfortable and secure wear throughout the night.

  • Comfortable wear: Our device is made from high-quality materials and designed to provide maximum comfort without causing any irritation or discomfort.

  • Customizable fit: SnoreMate can be easily molded to the shape of your mouth, ensuring a personalized and effective fit for every individual.


How SnoreMate Stops Snoring

SnoreMate works by holding the lower jaw in a forward position, which helps to keep the airway open and prevent the vibrations that cause snoring. By allowing air to flow freely through the airway, SnoreMate effectively reduces snoring and promotes a healthy sleep cycle.

Experience the Benefits of SnoreMate

Using SnoreMate offers a range of benefits that go beyond just stopping snoring. By improving sleep quality and reducing snoring, SnoreMate can help:

  • Improve your overall health and well-being

  • Reduce daytime fatigue and increase energy levels

  • Enhance the quality of your relationships by improving sleep for both you and your partner

Dentist Recommendation

“I promote SnoreMate for the following reasons: It is easy to adapt to, it is comfortable to wear and it promotes good breathing habits”

Dr.Paul Pallet – Bch.D.(Pret) Bsc. Dent (Wits)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For the select few who cannot adjust to the mouthpiece.
 SnoreMate offers a money-back guarantee which allows you to send the mouthpiece back for a full refund (less the delivery cost) within 30 days of purchasing this anti-snore device.

Safe and Secure Shopping

SnoreMate uses Stripe and Paypal. All transactions are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected. Your information and your donor’s information are securely transmitted during the processing of all payments.

Fast Delivery

SnoreMate is warehoused in ShipHero USA.

ShipHero delivers to customers across North America in five days using DHL.

SnoreMate also delivers Globally. Shipping time is 10-14 business days.

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